Afrochella, the popular festival and lifestyle brandJan 16

Afro future: Inclusion and Representation in a New Era

Afrochella, the popular festival and lifestyle brand, has boldly rebranded itself as Afro Future. This modification reflects the company’s

Local foodsJan 6

7 traditional Ghanaian gastronomy you need to try if you are visiting Ghana

The distribution of food crops is a hallmark of traditional Ghanaian food. Due to the prevalence of tropical crops like corn, beans,

Nov 16

Must-see destinations in North Africa/South Africa

With so much stuff flooding our newsfeeds throughout the day, it’s safe to say we’re all looking for a laugh or something

Ashanti Kingdom Durbar - Palace TravelMay 25

Ashanti Kingdom: The Best Place to Travel to in 2022

The Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana is the Best Place that you have ever traveled to Over the past two years with the world facing a pandemic,

Unexplored West AfricaMay 18

What are the Top Tourist Attractions in West Africa?

How to Plan a Trip to West Africa: Try Our 26-Day-Long “Unexplored West Africa” Tour    With the pandemic under control and

Safari Palace Travel blogApr 7

An African Safari Tour Might Be More Affordable than You Would Expect.

Are You Searching for an Affordable Safari Tour in Africa? Have you always been interested in taking your family on an African safari,

Cape Coast Castle - Ghana Starter Pack - Palace TravelMar 14

Have You Considered Visiting Ghana? Try Our 3-Day Ghana Starter Pack!

Our 3-Day Ghana Starter Pack is the Perfect Introduction to the Culture and the History of Ghana.  A gem of Africa’s west coast, Ghana

Independence arc, GhanaFeb 23

TIME Magazine Shares their Top 10 Places to Visit in Africa

The world is filled with beautiful and exciting places to visit, many of which are located on the Continent of Africa. TIME Magazine

Nov 26

Top 5 Tours You Can Book This Christmas

Top 5 Tours You Can Book This Christmas – Christmas is coming! Do you know what to do at Christmas? There are a lot of fun things