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Apr 27

Ghana’s Fantasy Coffin Tradition


Fantasy coffin-Ghana tour

Fantasy coffins are a Ghanaian artistic tradition that has gained international attention in recent years. They come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from animals to cars and even beer bottles.

The tradition of fantasy coffins began in the late 1950s in Ghana’s coastal region, in the Ga culture. It all started when a carpenter Seth Kane Kwei decided to make a fish-shaped coffin for a fisherman’s funeral. The concept caught on, and soon other carpenters were making similar coffins for their customers.

Today, the fantasy coffin tradition has become a flourishing industry with workshops and studios throughout the country. Individuals or family members commission the coffins and collaborate with carpenters to create a design reflecting the deceased’s life and interests.

In Ghanaian culture, people view death as a journey to another world. They believe that fantasy coffins, which are modern inventions, ease that journey by providing a personalized vessel with deep roots in traditional beliefs about death and the afterlife.

The fantasy coffin industry has also become an important source of income for Ghanaian carpenters and artists. The coffins have gained international attention.

Visitors to Ghana can visit workshops and studios specializing in creating fantasy coffins. These visits provide an opportunity to learn about the history and cultural significance of the tradition, as well as to see the skilled craftsmanship that goes into creating each coffin.

In summary, the tradition of fantasy coffins in Ghana is a unique and fascinating aspect of the country’s culture. Not only do the coffins symbolize the individual being honored, but they also represent Ghana’s rich artistic traditions and beliefs about death and the afterlife. Visitors to Ghana should not miss the opportunity to learn more about this fascinating tradition and the skilled craftsmen who keep it alive.

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Apr 27

Ghana’s Fantasy Coffin Tradition

Fantasy coffins are a Ghanaian artistic tradition that has gained international attention in recent years. They come in various shapes

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