Academic Tours

Inspire. Educate. Motivate. For school and college students, and alumni interested in cultural immersion in Africa, we tailor programs to suit specific requirements. Our experienced destination specialists
provide enriching unique experiences. You’ll meet the people. You’ll live the culture. You’ll understand
the world.

We manage all details, including:

  • Accommodations
  • Air travel ticketing
  • Ground transportation
  • Curriculum-specific immersion programs
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The educational institutions we’ve worked with include:

  • Small colleges as well as major academic institutions
  • Military academies as well as MBA programs
  • Private high schools as well as Theological Seminaries

Listed below are some of our most popular academic tours, but we are happy to customize all itineraries to meet your wants and expectations.

Ancient cannons lying on the beach of a historical site

Explore Senegal and Ghana

11 Day Tour

Tour of Dakar including Goree Island and Pink Lake before heading to Accra. Here you can enjoy the cultural, historical and environmental

More Information

We would love to hear more about your desire to introduce your students to Africa and what you hope they experience along the way