Tanzania Tours

A man in red sitting under a tree on a hill - Kenya & Tanzania Highlights

Kenya & Tanzania Highlights – 10 Days

Sharing boarders, Kenya and Tanzania have one of the largest concentrations of natural wonders in Africa. Come tour the famed Serengeti

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Close up of a giraffe - Tanzania Classic Safari

Tanzania Classic Safari

7 Day Tour

Come explore the land of Tanzania with our Classic Safari Tour. Roam the famous plains of the Serengeti; gaze upon its myriad of rare

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A large mountain covered with snow - Kilimanjaro Climb - Via Western Breach Route

Kilimanjaro Climb – Via Western Breach Route

8 Day Tour

Visit Tanzania and climb the great Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa! Tour the mountain’s glacial and forest areas

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A group of zebras in grass - Tanzania Safari Adventure

Tanzania Safari Adventure

11 Day Tour

Tour Tanzania and its Great Rift Valley. With this tour you will experience a safari adventure through the plains of the Serengeti;

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View of tall grass field with trees in the distance - Affordable Tanzania Family Safar

Affordable Tanzania Safari

11 Day Tour

Enjoy an affordable family safari adventure in Tanzania! Visit a small village in Mt. Meru and see its local school. See the amazing

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A resting area on a beach with large umbrellas and lounging chairs - Tanzania & Zanzibar Deluxe

Tanzania & Zanzibar Deluxe

12 Day Tour

Tour Tanzania’s wonderful collection of national parks, then cap off your trip with a visit to the luxurious, white sand beaches

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