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Ashanti Kingdom Durbar - Palace Travel
May 25

Ashanti Kingdom: The Best Place to Travel to in 2022


The Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana is the Best Place that you have ever traveled to

Over the past two years with the world facing a pandemic, vacation travel has been scarce for most people. But now that the world has gotten the pandemic under control and it is becoming safe to travel again, people are eager to plan their next trip! Kumasi popularly referred to as “the Garden City”, is the second largest city in Ghana-west Africa, a city that many travel enthusiasts likely haven’t been to. It is rich with culture, history, and irresistibly delicious cuisine.

Here at Palace Travel, your cultural destination specialists, we offer cultural and safari tours across Africa that are educational, exciting, and uncommon, and include “beyond the brochure” experiences. One of our shorter tours is the three-day Exploring Ashanti Culture and Crafts in Kumasi, Ghana. So what exactly does this tour has to offer and why should a visit to the Ashanti Kingdom be one of your future travel destinations?


Ashanti Kingdom

Beads on a display at a beads Market, Kumasi – Palace Travel

What is Ashanti, Ghana Known for?

The Ashanti Kingdom region is known for its expertise in a variety of specialized crafts, such as batik-making, weaving, brass-making, woodwork, pottery, and the world-famous Kente cloth that is worn by royalties and dignitaries. Popularly known as the cultural heartbeat of Ghana, it has a rich history dating back to the days of the Ashanti Kings, who lived in the Manhyia Palace. At the height of its power, the Akan empire in the region had great wealth, military prowess, and stunning architectural achievements.


Ashanti Durbar – Palace Travel

What is there to do in the Ashanti Kingdom?

Our three-day tour is filled with cultural immersion and authentic experiences.

From open markets to historic sites, from ancient monuments to centuries-old rituals, the Ashanti region is filled with picture-perfect attractions.

Your Ashanti Kingdom tour

Kumasi Central Market

Starting in Accra, we head to Kumasi, the seat of the Ashanti Empire, to explore the legends of the Ashantis. Kumasi is known for its palaces, forts, museums, and places of worship that are central in ceremonies and festivals of significance., We will visit the Kumasi Central Market, which has more than 10,000 vendors, making it the largest open air market in West Africa. The dynamic Central Market is one of the reasons Kumasi is such a great place to visit.


Ashanti Kingdom - Ashantis in a Durbar - Palace Travel

Ashantis in a Durbar – Palace Travel

Ashanti Craft Villages

The second day of our tour takes us to three different craft villages within the Ashanti region. The first is the woodcarving village of Ahwiaa, the second is the Adinkra textile village of Ntonso, and the third is the Kente cloth village of Bonwire. Read more about the craft villages and check out our full itinerary for the tour. 

Lake Bosomtwe

On the way to Lake Bosomtwe, we visit the National Cultural Center, which features a museum and several craft studios. As the largest body of natural fresh water in Ghana, this lake provides a peaceful and serene atmosphere as the perfect change of pace from the bustling markets and crafts villages. The local fishing folk will offer insight into their daily lives. You can enjoy a boat ride over the picturesque lake.


Lake Bosomtwe was formed when a meteor impacted West Africa – Image by GTA

Ready to Book Your Trip to the Ashanti Kingdom?

Then contact us at Palace Travel and let us take leave you with breathtaking pictures and unforgettable memories.

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