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Safari Palace Travel blogApr 7

An African Safari Tour Might Be More Affordable than You Would Expect.

Are You Searching for an Affordable Safari Tour in Africa? Have you always been interested in taking your family on an African safari,

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Have You Considered Visiting Ghana? Try Our 3-Day Ghana Starter Pack!

Our 3-Day Ghana Starter Pack is the Perfect Introduction to the Culture and the History of Ghana.  A gem of Africa’s west coast, Ghana

Independence arc, GhanaFeb 23

TIME Magazine Shares their Top 10 Places to Visit in Africa

The world is filled with beautiful and exciting places to visit, many of which are located on the Continent of Africa. TIME Magazine

Nov 26

Top 5 Tours You Can Book This Christmas

Top 5 Tours You Can Book This Christmas – Christmas is coming! Do you know what to do at Christmas? There are a lot of fun things

Jul 13

Elmina: The Roots of black America.

Elmina one of the most important cities in Ghana, particularly because of its roots and connection to the transatlantic slave trade that

Jul 9


With ancestral origins, the palaver tree is an identity of the black continent in Africa, and more precisely in Senegal, it is a symbolic

Laamb Wrestling in SenegalJul 7

Laamb: Local Wrestling Champions of Senegal.

Darkar is known for its lovely beaches, one thing you may see when you take a regular walk on the beach are wrestlers training. These

Jun 10

CDC Lists Safe Countries in Africa for American Travelers

CDC Listed Safe Countries in Africa – Updated on June 7, 2021, The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

May 27

5 Festivals Celebrated in Senegal That You Should Know About

Senegal is a country on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Each year, there are many celebrations in the country that people attend from