Extremely Satisfied

As a retail travel agent, I was working with a University professor who wanted to do a 10-day study course in Ghana. He had very specific requirements. Each day he needed a room where he could lecture and have a classroom discussion, which were part of the course. He wanted to make sure that the itinerary addressed specific elements of the course, and that the guide provided would have an academic background to discuss those elements. He also wanted guest lectures from some professors located in Ghana. Palace Travel set all this up for me, and the professor was extremely satisfied. They made all the local arrangements in Ghana, and provided me with the background information. That way, I could concentrate on advising the professor and his students, collecting deposits/final payment, insurance, and so forth. Palace Travel prepared an emergency contact list so that the students could leave that information with their families at home. Their ground operator in Ghana was available to handle any changes that were needed, on the spot. I would have no hesitation in recommending Palace Travel for being your partner in travel to Africa. Sincerely, Kathy Moroney, Owner Distinctive Destinations Founder of The International Association for Travel to Africa

Kathy Moroney
Totally Satisfied

Hi Katrina, How are you doing? I just have to let you know this. I just returned from Connecticut with the church group that just returned from Ghana.  It's the talk of the town and I was told that another trip will be scheduled for 2014 and it must be through "Palace Travel".   Everyone was totally satisfied and is still talking about it. (including myself). Norma Peart Mid South Travel

Norma Peart
Educational & Wonderful

I have used Place Travel several times for clients traveling to Ghana for the USA. They have always returned indicating what an educational and wonderful time they had. And that they would recommend Palace Travel to any and all of their friends traveling to Africa. The tour operators that were used were excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and just wonderful people to be around and with. I am planning to take a group of clients to South Africa next year (2013) and it is my plan to have Palace Travel assist with this tour. I hesitate not, in recommending Place Travel to all of my clients and friends for their travel to Africa. Palace Travel does an excellent job and their services are outstanding. Eugene Solomon President Precision Travel Inc Columbia, Maryland

Eugene Solomon
Great Attitude

Katrina, Thank you for all your hard work and attention to details in preparing our flights to Ghana! I know the process was not easy given our various challenges. I really appreciated your great attitude and responsiveness in assisting us. As our mentor prepare depart, excited about what they will experience, I know you played a part in making it happen. My best, Susan Custom Tour —Roundtrip Airfare to Ghana 07/03/2011 - 07/28/2011

Susan Wilcox
Enjoyed Our Trip

Dear Palace Travel, We want to thank you for making our trip to Ghana so wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and we were well taken care of by our guide Ernest and our driver Robert. Thank you again for your support and for the opportunity. Laura Buhs Laura Buhs - University of Denver, Denver Colorado Ghana Historical Tour, 7 Days 03/19/2011 - 03/25/2011

Laura Buhs
Recommend the Tour

Dear Palace Travel: I think I can speak for Randy when I say that we had a really wonderful time in Ghana. Our tour guide, Jonathan, and our driver Robert, were really helpful and knowledgeable in all respects and were a genuine pleasure to spend two weeks together with. You were not kidding when you labeled the tour "Back Roads of Ghana" - we saw how the people in truly remote regions live on a day to day basis. It was particularly great getting such a wide variety of sites - urban, park, beach resort and historical. I would certainly recommend the tour to any of my friends who had an interest in West Africa. If I could only make one suggestion it might be to try and fly, not drive, the long long leg from Mole National Park back to the coast. We will certainly contact you the next time one or both of us plan a trip to Africa. Regards, Mitch Mackler Princeton, New Jersey U.S.A. BackRoads of Ghana - February 2011 02/20/2011 - 03/05/2011

Mitch Mackler