Sofitel Palais Jamai Hotel Fes

General Location

Behind the medieval ramparts of this spiritual and cultural capital at the entrance to this Oriental city, stands the Palais Jamaï built in 1879. Jamaï, grand vizier of the sultan Moulay el-Hassan, asked for a palace to be built in Fez. It is the only hotel in the Medina that dominates the labyrinth of backstreets and dead-end alleyways where many local craftspeople continue to honor Moroccan art in all the richness of its multiple influences.


Royal families, politicians & celebrities enjoy our luxurious world-class suites. The view from the balcony overlooks the medina & the gardens. Lamps, tiles & Moroccan woodwork add to the refined luxury of these beautiful surroundings in the heart of Fez. Step onto the private balcony of your luxury hotel room in Fes, Morocco, for views over the gardens, ramparts or medina itself. Step back inside to palatial décor with Moroccan touches. All 142 rooms have Bose sound; free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service.


An Andalusian band and the best gourmet restaurants in Fès are waiting for you: French cuisine and fine wines in the Petit Jardin, exquisite Moroccan cuisine at Al Fassia and sample exquisite olives with the Mediterranean dishes served at l'Oliveraie.

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