Mbale Resort Hotel


Mbale Resort Hotel is a deluxe hotel located in the heart of the city. All of Mbale’s famous landmarks are within walking distance of the hotel, including The Elgon Ranges, the historic Rocks precinct, Mbale Opera House and the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

General Description

Experience luxury Mbale accommodation at its best in one of our hotel rooms and suites, reflecting a contemporary and sophisticated style, and featuring breathtaking Mbale skyline views. The Conference Center at Mbale Resort Hotel is the perfect setting for any event or conference.


Mbale Resort Hotel offers you’re the utmost environment for your accommodation with splendor and delight. The hotel has 19 rooms all with an ambiance that will sooth your mind and set your soul free. We offer quality services and make your comfort our priority during your stay with us. All rooms meet international hotel standards and offer an experience that will make you stay longer. Some of the rooms have balconies with spectacular panoramic views of the Wanale, the Pool and the Amphitheater. All our rooms have carpeted floor but incase one does not want a carpeted floor, one has to book in advance. Each room feels rich and timeless and has all the amenities to pamper our guests. Be ready to experience an entirely new level of affordable luxury.


Mbale Resort Hotel has 2 restaurants and a bar. Relax and enjoy our Sparrows or Kobs Restaurant with cutting edge cuisines. Our restaurants offer a wide range of both local and exotic cuisines made by the best chefs. The menu is extensive, inventive and generous and acts as a showcase for the very best of local food features alongside sophisticated European flavors.The mood is one of quiet elegance and deep comfort. The stylish bars are well stocked with award-winning local wines, champagne, spirits and beer.

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