The Hotel, L'Oasis is spread out in a park of almost 2 hectares between the River and the Ocean, protected by its greenery: many a filaos (Senegalese pines), cordia, blazing, parkésonia, eucalyptus, acacias, hibiscus, bougainvilleas, bay-trees. A place of most natural very calms and resting. Towards the line, an immense beach almost for you all alone, towards the left the Senegal River and boats of the fishermen on a bottom of palm trees.


In the center of this small paradise niche, the hotel complex composed of 3 vain and comfortable buildings double of colonial style with each one 2 bungalows of 25M2 having each one all comfort (bathroom with shower and WC and wash-hand basin), aired, mosquito nets and ventilators These 6 bungalows can shelter each one 3 to 4 people, two can take 5 to 6 people. Each one has its private terrace, directly on the beach. In the neighbourhoods of these bungalows, 6 typical boxes with the insane charm hide (for 2, 3 to 4 sea-green.) with tiled grounds and walls into hard covered with plaits in wicker, electricity and pieces of furniture, ceiling covered with African fabrics, for the customers who seek exoticism and expatriation. The medical ones for these boxes are in a building external with a few meters. Two large rooms for groups of 3 and 6 people, decorated with taste, at disposal on the side of the ground, are also protected by the greenery and the filaos.

Amenities & Services

Beaches, ventillators,fishing,swimming


Our typical restaurant with the roof of straw, can accommodate around fifty of customers. We cook there Senegalese and European. We dare to affirm that we offer so much the quality which the quantity and are specialized in the preparation of the burbot, shrimps, squids, thiofs, captains, lobsters, etc… Quasi every two days, our cook will prepare you a Senegalese dish (the three national dishes: thieboudienne (rice with fish), mafé (sheep or ox mijoté in peanut paste), yassa (fish or chicken and sauce with onions and lemon) thiebou yap (rice with the meat) domoda (pellets of fish, vegetables tomato sauce), couscous shrimps, vermiculations yap (meat mijotée in dry onions, grapes, vinegar, mustard, with vermiculations.

Activities & Facilities

To bronze sporting: game of bowls, table tennis, tennis shoe, parlour games, walk with horse along the beach, fish in the dugout at sea or the river, descent of the river in the catamaran, first flight in ULM, visit of Gandiolais in quads, windsurf and other water sports with the new nautical spot, school of veil to a few kilometers on an island To bronze idleness: true relaxation on a beach of fine sand almost you all alone… with lézarder. To bronze discovered: Discover Saint – Louis and it’sneighbourhoods. Leave by barouche in the island, in excursion in bush, visit the villages Sérères, Peuls and with the dugout, the islands neighbouring or a typical peak NIC dreamer will leave you, but also the oldest water factory with vapor of West Africa, a typical Berber market with KeurMoumaSarr, the visit of a village peuhl which assembled its goat’s milk cheese factory, etc… and a little further, the imposing dunes of the Desert of Lompoel, assured total expatriation. With your binoculars and objectives for the excursions in ‘ the park of Djoudj’ in the north of Saint-Louis, one of the most beautiful ornithological reserves of the world (swimming pool); the ‘ park of the Language of Barbarie’ at the end of the Language of Cruelty, the old mouth of the Senegal river – 2000 hectares (turtles, birds of sea, pelicans…); the ‘ headlight of Gandiol’, crossed by dugout towards the mouth and meal on the spot; the ‘ Lake Guiers’ to water turquoises in full zone sahélienne, to 120 km of Saint – Louis… etc… Possibility of bathes in swimming pool to 100 m and 400 m (while consuming on the spot) You will be able to also have courses of djembé with a Fodé specialist. We promise user-friendliness, release to you and calms.

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