Abu Simbel Seti Hotel

Abu Simbel, one of the most spectacular sights in Egypt. An ancient pharaonic site, the two massive rock temples were carved into the mountainsides during the reign of King Ramses II in 13th century BC. One to honor the deities of the time, Ra-Harakhty, Ptah, Amun-Ra and King Ramses and the other for the Goddess of Beauty Hathor, and Queen Nefertari, King Ramses’s beloved wife. In the Heart of this majestic location lies our Seti Abu Simbel Hotel, the only hotel at the foot of the Grand Temple of Ramses II, it is virtually as close as one can get to residing amongst the Pharaohs. Beyond the great historical setting, the Seti Abu Simbel Hotel offers spectacular views of Lake Nasser, the vast artificial water reservoir created after construction of the Aswan Dam on the River Nile. Inspired by the work of the famous Dr Hassan Fathy, the Hotel design evokes a Nubian style featuring flamboyant domes, flowing waterfalls and luscious gardens, complimenting the city’s traditional atmosphere. Housing 6 suites and 136 spacious rooms on two levels. The extensive onsite swimming pool area spreads out multi levels which mothers an impressive waterfall. A bar and a pool for children are available on the upper level. The lower floor offers breathtaking views over Lake Nasser and the stunning landscape which borders onto the dessert. Take your pick at any of our sumptuous cuisine- a taste for everyone! The Hotel’s Main Restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner offering both fine oriental and international buffets specialties, or treat yourself and dine under the stars at the cozy and intimate Restaurant Toshka serving an exquisite a la Carte menu and delicatessens. Beautifully located right next to Lake Nasser Seti Abu Simbel’s first class outdoor Fish Restaurant capturing the local flavors serving fish delicacies and a diverse haute cuisine. Leading from the lobby, is the Lobby Bar the ideal setting for gatherings or a relaxed candle lit tête-à-tête. Undergo the Oriental tea and Shisha (water pipe) experience at Café Layalina. Under an Eastern style timber roof with plenty of comfortably cushions, freshly baked bread and other oriental delights are served. Why not unwind over a round of backgammon, dominos, or cards? Pool Bar is a stylish bar overlooking the pool with plenty of seating space, under a large parasol is the perfect spot to enjoy a cocktail or a quick snack after a refreshing swim in the pool.

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