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View of Hotel Dako Ler Bohicon

Hotel Dako Ler Bohicon

Located in Bohicon (Abomey), and has air-conditioned rooms.

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View of hotel room with two beds

Motel d’Abomey

In the Motel of Abomey you will find calm and tranquility, you will be greeted by a smiling and affable staff. You will be acommodated according to your choice: in the rooms of the central building, or in the bungalows built in the lush Park

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Sun City Hotel

Placed in the center of Benin precisely Abomey, sun city hotel is housed in an exceptional region. An area with its vegetable and cultural atmosphere that can not be found anywhere else.

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View of Au jardin Helvetia Hotel

Au Jardin Helvetia Hotel

The Jardin Helvetia, a good accommodation place and holiday resort embedded in a wonderful forest of coco trees. Close to Cotonou (N 06° 20' 699, E 02° 16' 050), Republic of Benin, on the most beautiful beach of Benin, it gives the visitors

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Entrance to Benin Marina Hotel

Benin Marina Hotel

Location The Benin Marina Hotel is situated right at the beach and is an idyllic spot for you to unwind. Enjoy a game of tennis, relax by the pool or...

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View of Benin Vickinfel Hotel

Benin Vickinfel Hotel

Located less than 10 min of the international airport of Cotonou, Benin Vickinfel Hotel is a capital hotel in the heart of the business district of Cotonou. The location is ideal for business people during the day, and also offers a great night

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Hotel room with one bed

Best Western Plus Nobila Airport Hotel

Nobila Airport Hotel, the first Best Western Plus Africa French speaking, is located in Cotonou – Bénin at only 200 meters of the international airport (free shuttle), and 5 minutes away from the district administration and the city center,

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Hotel room with one bed

Hotel Aledjo

Located in Cotonou, the Hotel Aledjo Corporate Events, with its guest accommodations, is sure to make your corporate event or social event a success.

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View of Hotel Croix Du Sud

Hotel Croix Du Sud

100 m from the beach, facing the Ocean, half a mile from Cotonou International Airport. Fully equipped with air-conditioning, an ideal setting for your relaxing moments, holidays, seminars and conferences; 109 rooms and bungalows with air-conditioner;

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Entrance to Hotel de la Plage

Hotel de la Plage

The hotel is located in Cotonou, and has air-conditioned rooms. Aka. “Le Negresco de Cotonou” Location: Facing the Ocean, close to downtown. Accommodation: 58 Bungalows, apartments and rooms wholly air-conditioned.

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Outdoor pool area of Hotel Du Lac

Hotel Du Lac

Hotel du Lac offers diverse quality services with 58 rooms including 4 suites and 12 luxurious studios all air-conditioned and equipped with bathrooms, telephone and satellite dish television. Hotel du Lac is located on the shores of picturesque

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View of Hotel GL Cotonou

Hotel GL Cotonou

Three star hotel , 36 rooms fully air-conditioned luxury , with color TV , are the first characteristics of this magnificent setting . It features a restaurant with 80 seats .

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Dassa Zoume

Entrance to Hotel Auberge de Dassa Zoume

Hotel Auberge de Dassa Zoume

The Auberge de Dassa was built near the intersection described above and dates back to the revolutionary period. It was at one time the ‘popular court’. Dassa is situated in the middle of a rocky mass that comprises of 42 hills. The railway

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There are currently no hotels available to this area.


View of Hotel Bellevue

Hotel Bellevue

Located in Natitingou in the north east of Benin, very close to downtown, 10 minutes from the museum and 5 minutes from the local market.

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Entrance to Hotel Tata Somba

Hotel Tata Somba

The Tata Somba Hotel is cozy and built in the traditional “tata” style of the area. The clean, spacious rooms are arranged around the swimming pool. Meals are mostly served poolside. The helpful staff also runs the lodge in Pendjari Park

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Hotel Casa del Papa

Casa Del Papa is a hotel complex of the coast of Benin, which combines the comfort of the best hotels with the warmth of a family. Everything has been designed to welcome you with kindness and professionalism. Due to its geographical location,

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Entrance to Hotel Gbena

Hotel Gbena

Hotel Gbena is one of the best 2 star hotels in Ouidah and has the amenities of a 2 stars hotel.

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Hotel sign Hotel Auberge de Parakou

Hotel Auberge de Parakou

Our hotel is located in the Kpébié district, not far from the train station. 2 symmetrical buildings, each of two stories have been connected to make our Auberge. At the front is a garden and large trees provide shade from the heat that can

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Porto Novo

Hotel room with one bed and desk

Dona Hotel

Located in the center of Porto Novo, the capital of Benin Republic, Dona Hotel combines charm and elegance in a Hispanic style. A 20 minute drive from the airport and 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Dona Hotel welcomes you for private visits,

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Hotel room with one bed

Hotel Beaurivage

Hotel Beaurivage is one of the best hotels in Porto Novo and has the amenities of a 2 stars hotels. Located in Porto-Novo, and has air-conditioned rooms.

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Heard of elephants walking in grass with trees and a mountain in the backdrop

Hotel Auberge de Savalou

The town of Savalou is 30-km. northwest of Dassa Zoume. The road from Dassa to Savalou has just been resurfaced. The town of Savalou is at the foot of a large rock outcrop; the road goes around the base and continues north towards Djougou (228

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