Hotel Auberge de Savalou


The town of Savalou is 30-km. northwest of Dassa Zoume. The road from Dassa to Savalou has just been resurfaced. The town of Savalou is at the foot of a large rock outcrop; the road goes around the base and continues north towards Djougou (228 km). This road was until recently a laterite track/road. It has now been completely reconstructed with bitumen and stone chipping surface. From Savalou, it is possible to visit neighboring Togo by laterite track (38 km).

General Description

Every year in August a traditional festival is organized. The people of Savalou origin attend bur foreigners are always welcome. The Auberge de Savalou was in the past the old administrative office of the city. The building was converted into a local hotel some years ago. When it came into our possession some twelve years ago we carried out a complete renovation and have now extended it to provide additional accommodation. It is located near the Savalou general hospital. From the Auberge de Savalou, it is possible to visit the old village of Ouessé where traditional crafts such as, handicrafts, blacksmiths, manioc flour producers  can be viewed. The royal palace of Savalou is an interesting place to visit. At the present time it is in the process of being restored.

Amenities & Services

A bar/restaurant connected to a large terrace surrounded by bougainvilleas. A TV corner allows you to watch local as well as international programs. 10 Bedrooms, 5 air-conditioned and 5 with ceiling fans. All the rooms have en-suite bathroom shower, toilet, and wash-hand basins.

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