Your safety

Measures to ensure our customers and teammate’s safety

Our top priority remains the health and safety of our customers, teammates and associates. We also have a responsibility to support the communities in which we operate, those who are vulnerable, and the healthcare providers who are on the front lines of this pandemic.

Here at Continent Tours, we are committed to continuous efforts to enhance our customers’ safety and security when they are traveling with us.

As the opportunities for travel and face-to-face interaction begin to pick up, it is our collective responsibility to implement plans to closely monitor the situation and adjust our internal policies so that we can proactively respond to this rapidly evolving situation.

Our goal is to reduce the risk of contact or inadvertent spread of the virus. We will take all possible steps to protect our customers, teammates, associates and all those with whom we come in contact so as to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Update with current information

Access to the most current information is crucial in our efforts to make informed decisions during these unprecedented times. Continent Tours is maintaining an open line of communication with the local public health departments of the various African destinations to which our clients travel in order to implement the most effective prevention strategies and practices. We are constantly sharing up-to-date information with our teammates and suppliers on the evolving nature of this pandemic.

We are also monitoring the destinations in which we operate so that we are fully informed of border restrictions, changing visa requirements, and any required quarantine conditions to help diminish the spread of COVID-19.

Your Safety First

As you ponder travel decisions, think health and safety too. Get tested for the virus if you plan on traveling soon as to ensure that you are not traveling if infected. It is best not to travel if you are exhibiting symptoms of illness. If you test positive, we strongly advise that you postpone all travel until you have fully recovered.

Getting your medical history checked would also be a great step in these circumstances. It has been medically confirmed that COVID-19 may be more devastating for patients who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel Insurance

More than ever, Continent Tours will continue to recommend the purchase Travel Insurance for all travelers. We encourage our customers to secure the most comprehensive type of insurance that will cover the greatest number of eventualities.

Our Guides and Drivers

We continue to instruct our guides and drivers on the evolving nature of this virus, establishing sanitary work practices that will contribute to helping our customers feel confident to travel again. As the main representatives of the company while in the field, it is essential that our tour guides and drivers know and understand their responsibility towards minimizing the spread of this virus.

We ensure that they are aware of and adhere to regularly disinfecting areas in which they and our customers come in contact with. They are also charged to follow strict health protocols including regular hand-washing with soap under running water, using alcohol-based sanitizers and ensure wearing the appropriate face covering at all times, have a dustbin in their vehicle to carefully dispose of of necessary refuse including tissue paper.

Most importantly, they are trained to know what steps to take should they or anyone around them start exhibiting symptoms of illness.

Disinfecting of & observing social distancing in our Vehicles

We are committed to making the necessary changes that will boost traveler’s confidence in entrusting their vacation and other travel arrangements to Continent Tours.

Sanitization will always be imperative for us here at Continent Tours. We have adopted enhanced protective measures including regular and thorough cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles before and after every use.

We are also observing the social distancing protocol by decreasing the number of passengers per vehicle. We will install posters in our vehicles that serve as reminders to cover a cough with your elbow, wash your hands thoroughly, use sanitary wipes and or hand sanitizers, avoid frequent touching of your face, among other best practices for reducing the spread of the disease.

Working with Hotels that are strictly adhering to the Health Protocols

We are constantly monitoring our partner hotels’ efforts towards minimizing the spread of this virus, through questions, observation, and the review of printed information, to decide the best properties in which to accommodate our customers.

We will carefully select hotels that are maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We will monitor as much as possible hotels to ensure a minimum implementation of cleanliness basics including room disinfecting before a new guest can check-in, minimize personal contact at check-in, contactless food deliveries to guests’ rooms, and actively promoting these new cleaning policies so that guests are assured of their safety and health.

We want you to know that we will do everything possible so that you are fully informed of the procedures we have implemented to safeguard your health and safety, and to assist you in making the most informed decision regarding your Africa travel adventure.