Empty highway road in a desert with a mountain in the distance

Mitch Mackler

Dear Palace Travel:

I think I can speak for Randy when I say that we had a really wonderful time in Ghana. Our tour guide, Jonathan, and our driver Robert, were really helpful and knowledgeable in all respects and were a genuine pleasure to spend two weeks together with. You were not kidding when you labeled the tour “Back Roads of Ghana” – we saw how the people in truly remote regions live on a day to day basis. It was particularly great getting such a wide variety of sites – urban, park, beach resort and historical. I would certainly recommend the tour to any of my friends who had an interest in West Africa. If I could only make one suggestion it might be to try and fly, not drive, the long long leg from Mole National Park back to the coast.¬†We will certainly contact you the next time one or both of us plan a trip to Africa.


Mitch Mackler
Princeton, New Jersey

BackRoads of Ghana – February 2011
02/20/2011 – 03/05/2011