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Larry Smith

In one word, the experience was “perfect“.

First, as my wife and I were planning this trip Palace Travel’s personnel patiently worked with us answering all questions, sometimes in duplicate, in order that we would have a complete understanding of what to expect. Since I found Palace Travel through the Internet, I, at first, was suspicious, as were other members of our family. Our research with the Better Business Bureau in Philadelphia provided some assurance since the Bureau showed that Palace Travel had a good reputation. Also, when I ask others who they would recommend to guide us in the process, more often than not, the answer came back the same — Palace Travel. Now, in hindsight since the trip is over, I know that all of them were right.

First, Palace Travel gave us an honest assessment of all of the cost we could expect. The fact sheet that they provided us contained very helpful advice and tips to assist us as first time international travelers. I then had more questions that I e-mailed to them, which they answered promptly.

Palace Travel provided an itinerary that was accurate and complete. When we arrived in Ghana, our tour guide met us at the airport on time and was with us during every waking hour thereafter. He was friendly, knowledgeable and, most of all, patient.

In addition to our tour guide, the driver, was also great. He did his job expertly.

Most importantly, we were able to visit and see all that the tour documents advertised and then some. Clearly, in an age and time when the consumer often falls victim to scams and anemic service, our experience with Palace Travel was much better than we could have ever imagined.

Larry Smith

Ring in the New Year in Ghana
12/31/2008 – 01/06/2009