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Kathy Moroney

As a retail travel agent, I was working with a University professor who wanted to do a 10-day study course in Ghana. He had very specific requirements. Each day he needed a room where he could lecture and have a classroom discussion, which were part of the course. He wanted to make sure that the itinerary addressed specific elements of the course, and that the guide provided would have an academic background to discuss those elements. He also wanted guest lectures from some professors located in Ghana.

Palace Travel set all this up for me, and the professor was extremely satisfied. They made all the local arrangements in Ghana, and provided me with the background information. That way, I could concentrate on advising the professor and his students, collecting deposits/final payment, insurance, and so forth. Palace Travel prepared an emergency contact list so that the students could leave that information with their families at home. Their ground operator in Ghana was available to handle any changes that were needed, on the spot.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Palace Travel for being your partner in travel to Africa.


Kathy Moroney, Owner
Distinctive Destinations
Founder of The International Association for Travel to Africa