Site Selection Consulting

We develop detailed location & air analyses, assessments, negotiate and budget based on your criteria to streamline the site selection process.

We save organizations time and money.

Our highly experienced meeting, incentive and event planner lowers your risk and makes your job easier in the process. We conduct unbiased assessments of locations based solely on the factors of your needs and budget. We negotiate options from the room rate to the attrition to get your best prices. We are not associated with any hotel chains as we want to assure your organization acquires the very best location based on your needs.

Site Selection Process

  • Destination Recommendations – After understanding your event objectives your Palace Travel Team Leader will recommend destinations for your approval within budget.
  • Hotel / Resort Recommendations – After understanding your event objectives we will recommend hotel or resort vendors based on your approved destinations within budget.
  • Hotel Contract Negotiating – Our experience in negotiations with hotels, resorts and conference centers gives our clients a distinct advantage. We understand hotel margins and know how to negotiate the best available pricing and contract terms.
  • Sleeping room rate leveraged pricing
  • All-Inclusive Resort Credits towards your Private
  • Hotel Functions
  • Hotel Attrition
  • Program Cancellation
  • Correct Ratio of Room Upgrades at your Group
  • Contracted Rate
  • Complimentary or Meeting Space Discounts
  • Audio Visual Discounts
  • Complimentary Business Meeting and Sleeping Room Wi-Fi
  • Parking Discounts