Tented room with two beds

Tented Camp

Meroe Tented Camp, Sudan

Meroe is a permanent tented camp overlooking the beautiful pyramids of Meroe about 230 kilometres north of Khartoum. It is an arid region with beautiful landscapes and some sites of extraordinary archaeological interest, the nearest being the Royal Necropolis only 3 kilometres away.

Accommodation consists of 10 tastefully furnished tents. Inside the tents are spacious with full size wooden beds, bedside tables, lamps and a chest of drawers. To the rear the tents have a private bathroom-hut with a toilet and shower, whilst to the front they each have veranda with comfortable directors’ chairs in which you can sit and enjoy the astonishing views of more than twenty pyramids.

The camp has electricity produced by a generator working until the late evening, and at its centre a large thatch roofed building serves as the camp restaurant and hub of operations. Next to the restaurant the ‘Nomad’ tent – built in the style of the nomad Beja tribes of the eastern desert – acts as the main lounge and living room. Furnished with carpets, cushions and small tables, it is an area for guests to relax before and after dinner. Later in the evening tea, coffee or a night cap is usually served around the communal campfire.