outdoor view of Meroe Tented Camp

Meroe Tented Camp

The Meroe camp is located in Bagarwyia, about 230 km north of Khartoum, overlooking the amazing Royal Necropolis where there are a large number of Pyramids. Meroe was the southern capital of the Kushite Kingdom, or Napata/Meroitic Kingdom, that spanned the period c. 800 BC. - c. 350 AD. The culture of Meroe developed from the XXV Dynasty of Ancient Egypt, and its importance gradually increased starting the so-called “Meroitic Period”. The Kingdom of Meroe is also known for the role of the Queens called “Candaces” who were as strong as their royal husbands as we can well see in the inscriptions found in the many temples and Kiosks. The Meroe camp has 22 twin-bedded tents set on a concrete base. The room size is 4 x 4 mt. and inside there are also small bedside tables with a reading light, drawers, and a mirror; outside there is a shady veranda with 2 chairs for reading or simply relaxing overlooking the open desert before the pyramids. Every tent has its own private restroom and shower which is located in a separate hut at the back of the tent. There is an indoor restaurant with a large paved area around it to be able to eat outside in the pleasant spring evenings. There is also a veranda on the top of the restaurant to watch the sunset over the pyramids or simply relax while talking with the other guests of the camp before or after dinner. The camp has a power generator that is working until 10.30 – 11 pm, after that we ensure peace and quiet for the guests and if they need lights they must have their own electric torch. The Camp is open from October to the end of April; it is supervised by an Italian manager and well-trained Sudanese staff. With this permanent facility, this dry region of extraordinary archaeological interest and beautiful landscapes becomes accessible even to those reluctant to sacrifice their comfort.

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