Mariam Hotel

There is always a saying that goes: “the best comes from the west”, but on this occasion, we at Hotel Mariam beg to differ. We can proudly say the best this time comes from the North and the North is undoubtedly Hotel Mariam. With our slogan “Our reputation is your guarantee” Hotel Mariam is agreeably the pride of the North. One is spoilt for choice when seeking accommodation in Tamale but when it comes to class and elegance it is without a doubt that the obvious choice is Hotel Mariam. It is only a few kilometers from the airport and a stone's throw from the city centre. Hotel Mariam has a simple, yet the tasteful design and modern facilities complemented by its friendly staff. Hotel Mariam stands head and shoulders above the rest. This hotel also stands as the best not just in the Northern Region of Ghana but in the entire Savana Zone. We have won a number of awards over the years and that proves our reputation as the best hotel. Style and elegance are the trademarks of Hotel Mariam. Set in a serene environment graced with extensive tropical gardens. Hotel Mariam has extensive double and standard remote-controlled air-conditioned rooms, satellite television with a vast selection of channels, a mini bar, and access to wireless internet from any part of the hotel as well as through our phone lines. Our restaurant is not locally-oriented but braces yourself for a pleasant surprise with our wide range of local and exotic dishes, continental, Chinese and Ghanaian cuisine. You name it and you’ve got it. Mariam Hotel also has facilities for conferences and car rentals. Spaces and other related facilities like PA Systems, LCD Projectors, etc for conferences, meetings, parties, and other special occasions are available in Hotel Mariam. [formidable id="18"]

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