Outdoor pool area of Lewi Hotel & Resort

Lewi Hotel & Resort

The Lewi Resort is a beautiful resort located on the scenic shores of Lake Awassa.  The resort offers over 60 rooms and private luxurious bungalows.  Choose from a selection of restaurants offering a variety of delicious local and international cuisine.


Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Lewi Resort on Lake Awassa. The hotel offers comfort and exceptional value for the area.

The resort offers over 60 rooms and private luxurious bungalows. Rooms are spacious with ceramic floors and satellite television. Mosquito nets will be provided by the hotel. En suite bathrooms are spacious with some rooms offering a massage shower and Jacuzzi.

The Lewi Resort Activities

The amenities at Lewi Resort are unparalleled, they include Swimming pools, Saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi, Boating both for groups and individuals, a children’s playground and care center, Beauty Salon-for both men and Women, Miniature Golf, 4 conference rooms fully equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection and sound systems.

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