Le Baobab De Mako


Located at the edge of the Gambia river, 1 km from Mako, to 300 m of the main road connecting Tambacounda to Kedougou (approximately 680 km in the south east of Dakar). Since the construction of the road, a half day is enough to arrive at the camping. With proximity (5 km), is the National park of Niokolo Koba which, by its diversity of fauna and flora, supports this site. Moreover, the cultural richness of the people animists (Bassaris and Bédiks) alive moved back in the neighbouring mountains is a treasure for this area. Lastly, this part of Senegal Oriental which formerly belonged to Guinea, proposes a luxuriant nature abounding in cascades, caves and sumptuous landscapes.


Lodging offered, in perfect harmony with the life of bush, arises under the aspect of a African village (rooms of 2 or 4 beds, water room, covers, cloths, mosquito nets, electricity…).


The meals are composed of Senegalese traditional dishes (exotic fish and meats, rices, crudenesses, fruits…).western dishes are also served.

Activities & Facilities

fishing, excursions, ventillation in rooms.

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