Kanaga Cheval Blanc

Exclusive small hotel boutique with traditional architecture and sophisticated African design as well as International standing services. The white domes poking out of the desert like huge beehives are quite familiar at first glance. 

The Cheval Blanc Hotel is located in Dogon country at an easy access to the Badiangara Escarpment.


Building designed by renowned Italian architect Fabrizio Corolla and inaugurated in 1997. The architect aimed at building it without using wood and iron, an entire ecological success. Completely renovated in 2010 to be an upscale hotel boutique. The exclusive interior design made by Thiemoko Dembele, a benchmark of excellence in interior design making.


A few minutes of Bandiagara in Dogon Country and 70 km from Mopti. Rooms: 22 total rooms (17 dome-shaped rooms and 5 junior suites of Sudanese architecture). Two meals specialties: African and international. In Bandiagara / Dogon, The Hotel Kambary/Cheval Blanc is not overly priced and worth every nickel. The rooms are individual dome shaped and buildings with attached bathroom. One can choose air-conditioned or not, but we recommend the air-conditioned room, not only because the stone of the dome building holds heat, but also because it eliminates the need for a mosquito net.

General Description

The architecture of this hotel is one of the most unusual I've found anywhere in the world, and so for that reason it's worth the expense. The French-Swiss owners are very accommodating. The hotel is within walking distance of the bachee/bus station in town, which is the center of Bandiagara.

Amenities & Services

There's also a swimming pool. The hotel staff will shelter the visitor, and can provide tours.


The restaurant and bar is also quite good. Serving traditional Mali dishes of various sorts, and had the advantage of bar drinks with ice or fresh fruit juice.

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