View of Hotel Teriya

Hotel Teriya

Headquartered in San, Hotel Teriya provides logistics for both traditional and modern. This successful combination gives the Hotel Teriya all the advantages of a real tourist attraction.
The hotel was completely renovated in 2008 having 3 suites brand new and refreshing architecture in the purest traditional Sudanese style. It also offers 22 air-conditioned rooms and 11 rooms ventilated.

  • At the Hotel Teriya, you have the choice between food African and European. A large green landscaped outdoor space you can relax quietly in the moonlight, under a starry sky
  • Through the internet and satellite television, you stay in touch with the world
  • The Hotel Teriya, it is also the ideal starting point for exploring the region. A minibus driven by offers transportation to tourist sites of the city of San guide: Sanké of the pond, the sacred wells Karantela the Bani (tributary of the Niger River), the ancient mosque San, villages and Parana Térékougo
  • The Hotel Teriya is, in a word, the passion to do better