Gisakura Lodge

Gisakura Guest House is located in 2km outside the Nyungwe National Park close to the Gisakura Tea Estate precisely on the road from Park to Rusizi former Cyangugu. Its accommodation is extremely affordable and comfortable. Rooms are of three categories furnished with shower and hot water is always available. Anywhere, it is an ideal place to be based when you want to explore the Park with very helpful, hospitable staff due to its location close to Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)  office former ORTPN and RDB Reception for chimpanzee tracking or for any other visit in Nyungwe National Park. You are nearly in full access to the Waterfall Trail, Canopy walk, Colobus troop living on the Gisakura Tea Estate, Vervet monkeys, a fair variety of birds are present in the small patch of forest in front of the rest-house and many other trails in Park. For a short time you reach to Uwinka center. Our accommodation is extremely cheap and comfortable. Rooms are of three types furnished with shower and no worries hot water is always available from electric heater when needed.

Rooms are differently classified and are named like some attractions found in Nyungwe national park:

  • Double room: Chimpanzee house
  • Double room: Canopy walkway
  • Double room: Waterfall trail
  • Twin room: Turaco house
  • Twin room: Colobus house
  • Triple room: Monkey house
Book your room earlier and confirm one week before coming because you get at Guest House being sure for availability of rooms or other service needed.

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