Hotel room with two beds

Evangadi Lodge Campsite

Encompassing an area of about 30,000 square meters, Evangadi Lodge and Campsite is located 850 km south of the Ethiopian capital city (Addis Ababa). It derives its name from its rich cultural surroundings. The word Evangadi refers to the cultural and traditional night dance of the Hamer people. Evangadi Lodge is a branch of Swaynes Hotel (located in Arba Minch).

Evangadi Lodge and Campsite is located on the east side of Turmi town. From here visitors can enjoy half- or full-day excursions to different tribes in the villages. These people are mostly nomadic pastoralists with their own language, unique lifestyle and culture (ceremonies, dances and traditional dress). Turmi also has an attractive local open market where you can see their body decorations locally prepared from soil.

The lodge and campsite is constructed and furnished with artistic and comfortable features. The campground is set under the shade of acacia-dominated woodland, which is also an excellent habitat for many bird species such as hornbills, woodpeckers, weavers, doves, starlings, sunbirds, etc. In addition, the campsite offers the opportunity to enjoy nights under starry African skies. You may also choose to relax in our fixed tents or bungalow complete with furniture. Fresh drinks are at your disposal.


Evangadi Lodge provides excellent accommodation, ranging from comfortable rooms furnished with cozy and attractive Ethiopian furniture to fixed tents. Evangadi Lodge is an ideal place to stay for days in a haven of tranquility, fun, laughter and comfort.

Our campsite on the same land is completely independent with showers and toilets. You may rent your own tent for overnight use and gaze at the star-filled skies of southern Ethiopia. The nights in Ethiopia are warm and suitable for camping outside.

Restaurant Services

Evangadi Lodge is one of the few accommodations in the area that offers on-site restaurant services. Our kitchen staff (cooks and servers) are experienced professionals trained in some of the best schools in the country.

Come and enjoy a savory and delicious international or local meal prepared by our own staff.

Bar Services

Our patio bar is located in the shade of trees and provides wonderful scenery. We also have an indoor bar offering privacy and comfort. The bar is well stocked with both international and local beers, liquors, wines and spirits as well as soft drinks.

The atmosphere offers a great setting for a casual chat, for romantic moments or just pure relaxation.