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Overlooking the confluence of the Boro and Metsematsweu channels of the Okavango, Delta Camp’s lounge and dining area is well elevated to command the spectacular vista of swamp and riverine forest that lies before it. A variety of games can usually be seen from the deck, with elephants frequent visitors, and cavorting hippos and basking crocodiles common sights. Lion, leopard, and Cape Hunting Dogs have all been observed from the deck. Three excellent meals per day ensure that our guests are well prepared for their walks; tea and coffee are available at all times, and the open bar is always open.


Delta Camp is located on a small island in the heart of the Okavango Delta and the lodge is accessed by light aircraft from Maun, Botswana. The camp’s chalets are designed and built to take advantage of the many indigenous, old-growth trees of the island forest. Our buildings cannot improve upon the natural landscape; they must therefore blend into it as unobtrusively as possible. This sometimes means that a tree grows through a roof or a floor, it always means that you will find no glass in our windows, and it very often means that the building itself is elevated onto a deck, to minimize our disturbance of the earth and vegetation below. We import the bare minimum – locally-grown reed and grass are our principal means of construction where feasible. Where it is not we use easily removable canvas. Our furniture is locally made from, wherever possible, locally grown material. We support local artists and artisans. Each chalet is en suite with hot and cold running water, a shower with a view, a variety of beds and areas in which to relax, mosquito netting, and solar-powered electric lighting. The chalets are situated around the property to take advantage of the views of the surrounding bush and floodplains.

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