Lake view of Dalton's Banana Island Guesthouse

Dalton’s Banana Island Guesthouse

Daltons Banana Guesthouse is a small beach resort in Banana Island, Sierra Leone. It specializes in recreational activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling trips, angling, watersports, boat excursions, and other tours. It offers accommodation of various standards with four categories of rooms and has a restaurant, small bar, and a scuba diving center on-site making it the ideal resort for a holiday in Sierra Leone.

Banana Island is one of the main attractions in Sierra Leone due to its great beauty and history. The lush forest reaches the edge of the ocean. From a hike to the tropical forest you can jump on a scuba dive. Such diversity provides the base for an exciting holiday with ample tourist activities. The sea around Banana Island offers thrilling leisure activities such as sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, scenic boat trips, excursions to more remote islands, and watersports. The forest is generally intact with plenty of wildlife and longer or shorter guided treks are available. The historical sites on Banana Island are linked to the colonial times and the slave trade and can provide a glimpse of the past of Sierra Leone, where the visitor can enjoy informative tours and discover the role of Banana Island during the slave trade in West Africa.

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