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Chez Tatayi Hotel


The Inn Tatayi is in a popular area of Niamey; Zabarkan, near the cinema Zabarkan. It is ten minutes from the airport, and it’s so easy to go to downtown by taxis (urban transport).


You have several choices, just know that all prices are reasonable, and there is a room suited to all budgets. All rooms have fans, and some with air conditioning.

Beddy-bye Dormitory: Two big rooms for backpackers. The dormitory is open for everybody, community trip!

Lover’s room: We have also four rooms for couples with double beds, two with air conditioning and three with fans.

Family trip: Two big rooms with a double bed for the parents and a single bed for the child, one with air conditioning and one with fan.

Activities &Facilities

Camping material to rent Mosquito net and anti-mosquitoes repellent Maps (Niger, Africa, neighboring countries).