Considered the oldest hotel in the city of Guinea Bissau, 24 de Setembro Azalaï hotel welcomes you in a 5-hectare garden where Africa is waiting for you ... Natural, green, and enchanting that reminds you of the African savannah at sunrise as the sun fell. You will be delighted by the singing of birds welcoming you. Framework natural green that reminds you of the African savannah in miniature, like the rising sun at sunset this space you always amazing. To stay in Bissau have the reflex Azalai Hotel 24 de Setembro Bissau. All the rooms are air-conditioned.

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Meeting and event facilities
  • Reception 24h
  • Currency exchange
  • Service Luggage
  • Gallery Shop: Ready to Wear, Massage, Barber
  • Business Center
  • Secure Parking Free
  • Car rental with DOLFI Ltd.
  • Pool
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