Aknac Hotel

Aknac Hotel

Located away from the hustle and bustle of Accra's city center, The Aknac hotel is your hideout in the metropolis. Placed conveniently in the quiet area surrounding the affluent Trasacco valley, our hotel in Accra is a haven for you. This is the place where you may relax and unwind, and to get your most-desired break from the worries and stresses outside. With its simple yet chic decor, the hotel exudes contemporary Ghana at its finest. With cool grey walls, bespoke velvet sofas, shimmering crystal and African artworks the interior was designed with the intention of creating a distinct personalized space. Every effort was made to ensure that the environment would provide a relaxed ambiance in pleasant surroundings. As an intimate, unique and intriguing destination, the Aknac hotel is a perfect location for all guests to enjoy. Each room in our hotel in Accra is stylishly intimate and has been designed with the intention of creating a contemporary, relaxing and comfortable space ideal for business or leisure breaks. The Aknac hotel has 52 rooms spread over two floors and a further 8 rooms situated in traditionally thatched roof chalets. All areas of the hotel are wheelchair accessible.

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