Akaka Lodge


A two hour boat trip from Loango Lodge is the Akaka lodge on the river bank.

General Description

Akaka Camp is right at the riverside. From the comfort of the thatch-covered restaurant/lounge deck the view is one over the river, papyrus swamps and distant, high forest. At times, the wildlife, and especially elephants pass right through the camp.


With five domed 2 man tents along a narrow forest clearing, each mounted on a platform and sheltered by a palm-thatched roof with a private bathroom and bucket shower. There is a main thatch-covered restaurant/lounge deck with a view over the river. Five dome tents are placed along a narrow forest clearing leading uphill from the river. Each tent is mounted on a platform under a palm thatch roof, faces the forest, sleeps two, and is comfortably outfitted with its own private bathroom, toilet and bucket shower. Bamboo torches light the way to each tent at night.

Amenities & Services

During your stay at Akaka Camp, the following activities are available: Forest walks Kayaking on the Rembo Ngowe and Rembo Echira rivers Motorised boat trips along the rivers Travelling up the Rembo Ngowe River to Akaka camp you will travel through vast waterscapes, remoteness, and the constant forest backdrop. The abundant wildlife can be difficult to spot in the rain-filled swamps but in the dry season the concentrations of particularly forest buffalo and forest elephant that migrate into the area are easily seen from a boat, kayak, or on foot. Smaller mammals like sitatunga (a swamp-dwelling antelope), red river hogs, forest duikers, five species of monkey, and great apes inhabit the area all year round.

Activities & Facilities

Akaka Camp is also a surveillance post from where Operation Loango eco-guides keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activities as well as gather scientific data along regular transects as part of mammal surveillance and botanical survey projects respectively. Akaka is really about being immersed in a peaceful outback setting and having one's senses flooded by natural splendour. Staying at Akaka you can take part in kayaking, walking and motorboat trips.

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