Kololi Accommodations


Outdoor pool area of Coconut Residence

Coconut Residence

The Coconut Residence really is in a class of its own and has taken accommodation and levels of service in The Gambia to new heights of luxury.This magnificent property was designed to recreate the era of colonial opulence with an atmosphere

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Heard of elephants walking in grass with trees and a mountain in the backdrop

Kairaba Beach Hotel Kololi

The Kairaba Hotel is a luxurious five-star hotel on the idyllic coast of The Gambia in West Africa. Situated on the magnificent golden beach of Kololi, the Kairaba Hotel offers a unique atmosphere of relaxation and comfort in which to rest

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Hotel room with two beds

Senegambia Beach Hotel Kololi

Situated next to The Kairaba Hotel with direct access to the beach. All the usual tourist hotel facilities at a Reasonable price. The hotel Senegambia, Kairaba hotel and Kololi Beach Club are within easy reach of shops, restaurants, bars and

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View of Tafbel Maisonettes Hotel kololi

Tafbel Maisonettes Hotel kololi

Tafbel Maisonettes is a popular business and holiday destination with 100 rooms including 14 suites all designed to ensure that our guests have the best of service at all times.

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