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Explore Senegal and Ghana, 11 Days

Tour of Dakar including Goree Island and Pink Lake before heading to Accra. Here you can enjoy the cultural, historical and environmental wonders of Ghana. From Aburi, to Mampong, to Kumasi, to the Cape Coast, see all that Ghana offers!


In August 2019, exactly 400 years after the arrival of the first recorded landing of a slave ship in Virginia, which saw the acceleration of the horrendous Middle Passage, hundreds of descendants of former enslaved Africans will make a triumphant return to the land of our ancestry.

Historical & Cultural Tour of Ghana, 12 Days

Day 1: Arrive in Accra, Ghana
On arrival at Kotoka International Airport, our expert cultural tour guide will meet, assist and transfer you to your hotel in our private air conditioned vehicle.

Once you have checked in, your guide, who will be with you throughout your stay, will brief you on what to expect during your time […]

Cultural Tour of Ghana & South Africa, 14 Days

Experience Ghana and South Africa on this all-inclusive 14 day tour which includes visits to the ancient Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi and to UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cape Coast. In South Africa tour Johannesburg, Soweto, Lesedi Cultural Village- and enjoy a game drive at Pilanesberg National Park. Continue to Cape Town for Table Mountain, Robben Island, the Cape Winelands and Township tour.

Cultural & Historical Ivory Coast Tour, 8 Days

Come discover Cote d'Ivoire, a jewel nestled on the coast of West Africa. This eight day journey offers visits to important historical sites including one of the largest churches in the world-the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Paix, and a game reserve. You will explore Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire's largest city- known as the "Paris of West Africa".

The Best of Senegal, 8 Days

The Best of Senegal, 8 Days

Mali & Burkina Faso, 13 Days

Mali is home to many UNESCO World Heritage sites: the legendary city of Timbuktu, the ancient cliffside Dogon Villages and Timbuktu's sister city- Djenne. You will start the tour in Bamako on Point G, a hilltop vantage point of the city before visiting the National Museum and the Central Market. In Djenne see the magnificent Grand Mosque, the world’s largest mud brick structure, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the evening set sail on the Niger River in a traditional Pinasse to enjoy the sunset.

Historical Tour of Ethiopia & Meskel Festival

Join us on this Historical Tour of Ethiopia scheduled to include the 2019 Meskel Festival. Explore the fascinating history of Ethiopia with visits to ancient cities, picturesque hinterlands and UNESCO World Heritage Sites including the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. The main Meskel celebration includes the burning of a large bonfire, the Demera, in Meskel Square in Addis Ababa. This tradition is based on the revelation by the mother of the first Christian Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great, which revealed the exact location of the True Cross. The ancient festival dates back 1,600 years and is celebrated with huge, evening bonfires with large, orderly but noisy torch-carrying throngs of participants accompanied by ornately robed priests carrying silver Coptic crosses. The flowering of the cross-shaped Meskel daisies also marks the end of the 3-month long rainy season and the return of the sun. This is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed!

Historical Tour of Sudan, 6 Days

In Sudan go on a city tour of Khartoum, including the National Museum, home to the salvaged temples of Upper Nubia and the frescoes from the Cathedral of Faras. You will also have the opportunity to visit the place where the Blue and White Niles meet. From Khartoum you will visit the bazaar of Omdurman, House of the Khalifa and the ancient cultic center of Nagaa- home to the Temple of Amun, Roman chapel and the Lion temple. En-route to Meroe there is a stop in Musawwarat, to view the temple area and its rare elephant depictions. Meroe, commonly known as Nubia is located along the banks of the Nile River. There are close to 200 pyramids in this relatively small area, the Meroe Pyramid was built 800 years after the last Egyptian pyramid.

Discover Eritrea, 7 Days

In Eritrea, explore the city of Asmara and visit the mountain town of Keren before reaching Massawa-the "Pearl of the Red Sea" and one of the region's most important ports for centuries. With its exquisite Turkish-style architecture and shopping arcades, beautiful mosques and delicious sea food, Massawa is the perfect destination for the adventurous traveler. In addition to the city's many attractions, it also offers pristine beaches and world-class swimming only short distance from the city center.

Historical Tour of Algeria, 11 Days

Immerse yourself in the history of Algeria on this 11 Day tour; Algeria is home to shockingly well preserved Roman ruins, magical Oasis, and wonderful people. Travel from the capital city of Algiers through Tipaza to Djemila, Timgad to Bou Saada on an unforgettable adventure.

Discover Western Sahara, 8 Days

Discover Western Sahara, 8 Days

Island Hopping Tour of Madagascar, 8 Days

Relax in one of the most exotic locales on earth on this 8 day Island Hopping tour!

Highlights of Djibouti, 6 Days

This six day tour of Djibouti highlights Lac Assal a beautiful landlocked aquatic wilderness, the North Circuit (Bankouleh), the South Circuit (Arta Village, Grand & Petite Bara), Tadjourah and the beautiful Sable Blanc Beach

Discover Comoro Islands Tour, 8-Days

Discover Comoro Islands Tour, 8-Days

Discover Burundi, 7-Days

Discover Burundi, 7-Days

Cultural and Historical Tour of Liberia and Sierra Leone, 13 Days

Cultural and Historical Tour of Liberia and Sierra Leone, 13 Days

Senegal and Gambia, 12 Days


Arrive Dakar, Senegal. Meet assistant and transfer to the hotel. This evening enjoy a welcome dinner with drummers and dancers.
Meal(s) Included: Dinner
Overnight at:  Novotel Dakar

Day 3: JUNE 28- DAKAR
After breakfast there is orientation at Africa Consultants International (ACI) headquarters by Gary Engelberg. […]

Senegal & South Africa, 11 Days

Experience the Culture and History of South Africa and Senegal. Visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Robben Island, the former prison where Nelson Mandela spent many years and Goree Island, home to "The Door of No Return". Enjoy a view of Cape Town from the top of Table Mountain. Visit Soweto where incredible stories come to life, and go on a safari at Pilanesburg game reserve in search of the 'Big 5'. In Dakar visit the vibrant markets and historical sites.

Ghana, Togo & Benin Including the Annual Ouidah Voodoo Festival – Jan 2019

In 1996 the government of Benin decreed that Voodoo was an official voodoo a religion practiced by more than 60% of Benin's over 10 million residents.

For millions of Beninese, voodoo is an integral part of everyday life. It does have a dark side – and you cannot avoid the many voodoo dolls riddled with pins and nails. Ouidah is the spiritual capital of voodoo and was once a major slave-trading post

On January 10 every year ceremonies and festivities take place on the beach near the monument dedicated to the Place of No Return. Thousands of voodoo believers and adherents gather in Ouidah, the historic centre of voodoo religion to receive blessings from Ouidah’s voodoo chief. This is one of Benin’s most colorful and spectacular events.

The celebrations begin when the supreme voodoo priest slaughters an animal, usually a goat to honor the spirits. This is followed by singing, chanting, dancing, beating of drums and drinking of various spirits usually gin. The area is temporarily Benin’s yearly Woodstock.

Archeological Tour of Egypt & Algeria, 17 Days

Archeological Tour of Egypt & Algeria, 17 Days

Dak‘Art & St Louis Jazz Festival

The Dakar Biennale (Dak'Art festival) is a major contemporary art exhibition that takes place once every two years in Dakar, Senegal. Join us for this amazing display of talent from across Africa, alongside the world renowned St. Louis Jazz Festival; with Jazz Musicians from around the world in Saint Louis, Senegal, a town bursting with French colonial charm. Visit Dakar, Senegal's Capital City, with its vibrant markets, historical museums, the famous Goree Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to 'The Door of no Return" and the curiously colored Pink Lake.

South Africa: Cape Town & Cape Wine Tasting Tour, 7 Days

Welcome to the land so diverse that its inhabitants call it "A World in One Country." See Table Mountain and Capetowns many attractions before continuing your journey along South Africa's beautiful Garden Route to Oudtshorn, Knysna and Port Elizabeth

‘Big Five’ South Africa Tour: Cape Town, Kruger & Victoria Falls 12 Days

Experience South Africa with tours of Cape Town, and Robben Island. Visit the Cape Town Winelands, ride to the top of Table Mountain and enjoy a game drive in Kruger National park.

Village Festival, 1 Day

Interact with villagers during traditional ceremonies including singing, dancing, wrestling, and more!

Pink Lake, 1 Day

Visit Pink Lake, one of the most popular site in Senegal, and experience the village culture surrounding it. The salt and other minerals in the lake give it the pink hue that makes it such a spectacular sight!

Historical Sightseeing Tour Of Accra, 1 Day

Visit some of Accra's famous historical landmarks such as Independence Square and Ghana's Parliament House. Finish the tour with a visit to the DuBois Center for Pan African Studies and enjoy the collections of history and culture.

Plant Medicine At The Mampong Centre, 1 Day

Visit the Mampong Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine and the Aburi Botanical Gardens. Experience the beauty of the gardens and learn more about natural medicine and plant conservation.

Historic Castles, 1 Day

Tour the western part of Accra on your way to the Cape Coast and visit the ancestral home of famous Jazz musician Louis Armstrong. Continue on to Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, for some memorable visits.

Central Region, 2 Days

See the Cape Coast, stopping at important sites en route to Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle. Spend the next day at Kakum National Park, an untouched tropical rainforest before heading to Anomabo Beach Resort for some relaxation.

Kakum National Park, 2 Days

Experience the wonders of Kakum National Park, home to Africa's only aerial walkway through the tree canopy. Take in the spectacular views of the dense rainforest and varied wildlife.

Drum & Dance In Mankessim, 2 Days

Depart Accra for Mankessim, where you will learn how to dance and drum in a traditional cultural display. Also visit Ekumfi, a fishing village before returning to the city.

Ashanti Culture And Crafts Tour, 2 Days

Visit Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Kingdom, where the Ashanti King still settles disputes at Manhyia Palace. See the Okomfo Anokye Sword, and tour craft villages specializing in wood-working and fabrics.

Saint Louis, 2 Days

Take a tour of this former colonial capital of Senegal that still has the appearance of an old provincial town. Also visit the Djoudj National Bird Park, considered one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the world, and the holy city of Touba.

Bamako and Siby, 2 days

Two day tour of Mali that highlights the fascinating Mande area and the bustling capital city of Bamako. Also enjoy an evening cruise on the Niger River.

Bamako and Segou, 2 Days

Two-day tour of Segou and Bamako. See the famous pottery market in Segou, or the tomb of King Biton Coulibaly. In Bamako visit the Musokunda Museum and artisan markets.

Segou & Teriyabugu, 2 Days

Quick tour which includes tours of capital city Bamako, historic Segou and the completely environmentally sustainable village of Teriyabugu.

A Taste of Rwanda: 4 Day Gorilla Tracking Extension

Come tour the forests of Rwanda for an excursion of gorilla-tracking. Stay at the Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge, and join a group of professional trackers on a pleasant romp through the forest in search of Gorillas. Later you will be able to visit the famed The Milles Collines, the hotel featured in the movie “Hotel Rwanda.”

Discover Rwanda, 5 Day Extension

Come have a pleasant trip in Rwanda, discovering its ancient forests and placid lakes and streams. The country is blessed with a number of ecological sites including twin volcanic lakes, a natural habitat for gorillas, and Gishwati Forest reserve. Visit them all with this trip to Rwanda.

Tour of Mozambique, 5 Days

Mozambique brings you lush forests, beautiful bodies of water. Visit Beira for game drives, forest walks and bird watching. Nampula & Ilha De Mozambique a stop over on the Indian Spice Route. Continue to Maputo for an indepth city tour.

Uganda Gorilla Tracking Safari, 6 Days

Uganda is known as the Switzerland of East Africa. Come tour its mountainous forests such as those found in its Bwindi National Park. You will also tour Queen Elizabeth National Park, known for its extensive game reserve.

Introducing Ghana, 6 Days

Travel to Accra, Ghana and visit Manhyia Palace and the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi. Explore Cape Coast and see the infamous "Door of No Return."

Discover Mali, 6 Days

Explore the cities of Bamako, Mopti and Djenne. Visit the mysterious Dogon people and the markets in Segou. You can even enjoy a sunset sail on the Niger River!

Tour of Angola, 5 Days

View the spectacular Kalandula Falls, Pedras Negras and the city of Porto Amboim, colonized by the Portugese in 1587. Experience first hand the history and culture of Angola.

Discover Mauritania, 6 Days

Tour Mauritania and roam its fascinating Saharan environment. You will explore its bustling fishing ports, bath in the springs of its oases, and ride across undulating sand dunes. You can do it all in Mauritania.

Light Discovery Of Egypt, 6 Days

This 6 day tour gives a taste of Egypt's intriguing history and culture. Visit one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World - the Pyramids of Giza, and walk through the Valley of Kings in Luxor. This trip also includes tours of Cairo's sites.

Imperial Cities Tour Of Morocco 7-Days

Come and see for yourself the many Imperial cities of Morocco. Although host to a long list of kingly and religious capitals, each city of Morocco has a unique character waiting to be explored. Tour the royal gardens of Rabat, the Roman ruins of Volubilis, and the Islamic architecture of Fes. Finally end your adventure in the luxury and romance of Casablanca.

Archaeological Tour Of Morocco 7-Days

Come and explore the history of Morocco with this seven day tour of its legendary ancient cities. Walk the vibrant streets and admire the architecture of Rabat, Fes, Marrakech, and Casablanca. Each city hosts a litany of palaces, museums, and local bazaars to be survey. Combine this romp through urban North Africa with travel through the mythic Atlas mountains; travelers are guaranteed an amazing adventure.

Kenya Trails Safari – Amboseli & Maasai Mara National Park, 7 Days

Kenya is the land of safaris! Come tour its various national parks and game reserves with this expansive tour of the country. See the millions of pink flamingos that flock to Lake Nakuru National Park; the great lions and leopards that prowl the...