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A Taste of Rwanda: 4 Day Gorilla Tracking Extension

Come tour the forests of Rwanda for an excursion of gorilla-tracking. Stay at the Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge, and join a group of professional trackers on a pleasant romp through the forest in search of Gorillas. Later you will be able to visit the famed The Milles Collines, the hotel featured in the movie “Hotel Rwanda.”

Discover Rwanda, 5 Day Extension

Come have a pleasant trip in Rwanda, discovering its ancient forests and placid lakes and streams. The country is blessed with a number of ecological sites including twin volcanic lakes, a natural habitat for gorillas, and Gishwati Forest reserve. Visit them all with this trip to Rwanda.

Expedition Rwanda: Gorillas In the Mist 7-Days

Tour Rwanda and see the variety of Great Primates that inhabit its beautiful nature reserves. Explore the Nyungwe Forest with its large troops of Colobus monkeys; see the baboons and gorillas with trained trackers in Kingi Park, and tour the lar.

Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Tracking, 12 Days

Explore the ancient rainforests of Uganda and Rwanda tracking and watching the countries’ myriad of animal life. During this trip you will have the opportunity to see gorillas, bamboos, chimpanzees as well as numerous other mammals.

Great Primates Expedition Tour of Rwanda & Uganda, 13 Days

Track the majestic Gorillas that reside in the hills of Rwanda and Uganda on this 13 day tour.

Tour of Burundi, Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda, 14 Days

Discover the other East Africa, with an adventure across four of Africa's most beautiful countries. Go in search of the mysterious Mountain Gorillas, shrouded in Mist-and the playful predator-Uganda's Tree Climbing Lion...