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Discover Mauritania, 6 Days

Tour Mauritania and roam its fascinating Saharan environment. You will explore its bustling fishing ports, bath in the springs of its oases, and ride across undulating sand dunes. You can do it all in Mauritania.

Explore Mauritania, 7 Days

Come and explore Mauritania, one of the most picturesque countries in West Africa. This tour includes scenic routes through stunning canyons and sand dunes, and relaxing accommodations at thermal springs in the Zarga mountains. Before you return you will even have the chance to visit a coastline nature reserve for migratory birds.

Explore Mauritania, 8 Days

Explore Mauritania by Camel and trek the dessert of Chinguetti to Atar. Continue on to the Oasis of Tergit and the capital city of Nouakchott.