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Banana Islands

Dalton’s Banana Island Guesthouse

Daltons Banana Guesthouse is a small beach resort in Banana Island, Sierra Leone. It specializes in recreational activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling trips, angling, watersports, boat excursions and other tours. It offers accommodation of various standards with four categories of rooms and has a restaurant, small bar and a scuba diving center on site making it the ideal resort for a holiday in Sierra Leone.


Country Lodge

The Country Lodge Complex is a stylish hotel situated at the top of Hill Station in Freetown. Equipped with a well kitted gym, tennis court and the popular Eden Restaurant, evenings offer a fantastic view of the city. Great facilities and service with wireless internet in some rooms.

Ericson Guest House

Ericson Guest House is a small and homely accommodation facility in Kenema. It is not in the main town centre so it is in a quiet and relaxing area. The guest house has internet, cable TV, Gourmet restaurant and Bar, Air conditioned rooms and is not far from the main shopping areas.

Kimbina Hotel

Hotel Kimbima, part of the highly successful Sam-King Group of companies is a beautiful Hotel, located right on top of the Atlantic Ocean along Bintumani Drive, off Cape Road, Aberdeen with smaller satellite lodges in locations like Wilberforce Hills. We pride ourselves on being Sierra Leone’s most prestigious, highly technological and well-equipped hotel.

Rogbonko Village Retreat

Built a little way from the village the Rogbonko Village Retreat consists of two mud brick houses, each with two twin bedrooms, a living room and bathroom. Facing the houses is the ‘barray’ – an open sided round house offering a shady place to eat, sit and chat.