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Hôtel Cap Saint-Louis

In a setting of greenery and tropical flowers, on the "Langue de Barbarie" between the Senegal River and the Atlantic Ocean, the Saint-Louis hotel has 35 rooms - among which 10 are duplex. At the magic place where Sahara, Black Africa and ocean meet, Saint-Louis was the capital of the French West Africa and preserves the tracks of her prestigious past.

Hotel De La Poste

The famous Hotel de la Poste in Saint Louis, Senegal is one of the most well-known historic hotels in the country. The hotel dates back to when Saint Louis was a crucial stop on international postal routes. Famous aviators like Jean Mermoz stayed there in its heyday.

Hotel Du Palais

Located in the heart of Ile Saint-Louis, Hôtel du Palais is undoubtedly the oldest hotel in the city. Now fully renovated, the Hotel du Palais has a pastry - tea room and all modern comforts.

Hotel Mermoz

The Hotel Mermoz occupies an area of 2.5 hectares and is located 3 km from the centre of Saint-Louis on the "Langue de Barbarie", a narrow strip of sand between the Atlantic Ocean and the Senegal River. The hotel is made up of charming two-bed roomed bungalows, each with a surface area of 30 m2 and its own bath room.

Hôtel Pointe Sud

Situated as its name suggests at the southern tip of the Ile Saint Louis, the South Point Hotel has 9 rooms, 2 suites and 2 studios. The hotel is very new and the amenities such as furniture are impeccable. Thanks to its privileged position, discover quietly installed, your room or the terrace where you will have breakfast, a unique and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the bustling activity of the fishing village and the majestic River ; change of scenery.

Le Palmeraie Saint Louis

Le Palmeraie in Saint Louis, Senegal is conveniently located between at the limit of the Sahara, in the Old Capital of French Western Africa.


The Hotel, L'Oasis is spread out in a park of almost 2 hectares between the River and the Ocean, protected by its greenery: filaos (Senegalese pines), cordia, blazing, parkésonia, eucalyptus, acacias, hibiscus, bougainvilleas, bay-trees. In the center of this small paradise niche, the hotel complex is composed of 3 main and comfortable buildings of colonial style.

MameCoumba Bang Hotel

Located in the district of Cité Niakh, in a green landscape, Hotel Mame Coumba Bang, with an authentic style and ethnic-inspired design, perfectly combines the feeling of relaxation and great escape. WiFi is available. Equipped with a private bathroom, a TV and a balcony, the rooms of the hotel will transport you into an atmosphere of softness and security.

Ranch De Bango

On the banks of the mighty of the Senegal river, The Ranch de Bango lies amongst shady glades of local trees and offers the perfect base to discover the dramatic landscape of Northern Senegal.

Residence Hotel

Résidence Saint-Louis, Senegal offers the richness of its architectural heritage. Our hotel colonial charm is easily accessible from the airport of Dakar and offers quality accommodation on the island of Saint-Louis. A bar and restaurant are also available within the hotel.

Located on the Senegal River, former capital of French West Africa, St. Louis sleeping beauty […]