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Tichka Salam Hotel Marrakech

Tichka Salam Hotel Marrakech

The hotel is located at the entrance to Marrakech, Just a few minutes’ drive from the city center, the tourist attractions and the Congress Palace.

The standard bedrooms are medium in size and are decorated and furnished in a traditional style.

The main restaurant is well furnished and tastefully decorated, supplier providing a good selection of international cuisine.The buffet HAS fantastic variety of dishes, and it is possible, to have lunch on the terrace around the pool.

The hotel is Housed in a traditional building.There is a lovely small pool and a relaxing garden.

The lobby is well decorated, with elegant classic furniture in keeping with the architecture of the hotel.Adjoining the lobby is a coffee shop and a bar.

This is one of the best properties in Marrakech Within icts category, DESPITE the fact That It is not very well located.It is a must for architecture lovers.07/09.brv

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