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Leopard Rock Lodge

Leopard Rock Lodge

General Description: Leopard Rock prides itself in offering High Class service never seen before in the bush. It is our priority to offer our guests the best possible experience and an unforgettable journey. Leopard Rock Lodge is completely unfenced (yet well protected) which will allow guests to come in contact with the wildlife.

Accommodation: 15 Romantic and gorgeous cottages offer a splendid view of the Murera River and Bisandi reserve. Each cottage presents a terrace, overlooking the bush and perfectly situated for a breath taking view. Leopard Rock Lodge offers single rooms, double rooms and honeymoon cottages. The Lodge is completely open to the wildlife. It is not uncommon to see giraffes, baboons, elephants and other animals roaming around the Lodge.

Dining: Leopard Rock Lodge offers a 6 course Dinner meal which includes the Starter, Soup, Hors D’oeuvre, main course, Cheese and Coffee or tea. Lunch includes a 3 course meal along with coffee or tea with pastries. Breakfast includes a multitude of items such as bacon, eggs, crepes, croissant and much more. Everything at leopard Rock lodge is freshly made and prepared the very day it is served.

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