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Laguna Beach Hotel

Laguna Beach Hotel


On the left along the main Banjul highway about 2 miles before Banjul.

General Description

The Laguna Beach Hotel, formerly known as the Wadner Beach Hotel, is reported to be offering a good standard. The name changed (but not the reputation) since the river mouth’s heavy erosion elsewhere resulted in a sand barred lagoon here (so wide as to warrant a boat-ride from the hotel to the main beach at high tide!). The late name of Wadner Beach has been refurbished It was built by Britt Wadner who, having set up the world’s first offshore pirate station and then worked for the ill-fated Radio Caroline, (incidentally one of the hulks visible from Bund Road in Banjul) started The Gambia’s commercial Radio Syd in 1967 and the hotel in 1970.


Wide variety of rooms are available to suit all tastes.

Amenities & Services

Various recreation and sports facilities are available.high luxury facilities available in rooms.


Facility of bar and restaurant serving varied cuisine.

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