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Hotel Y A Pas de Probleme

Hotel Y A Pas de Probleme


Hotel Ya Pas de Probleme is a French/Dogon run hotel located in Mopti nearby the Niger River.


Y A Pas de Probleme hotel offers a variety of accommodations for many budgets and requirements. The various types of lodging include:

  • 1 terrace with campers
  • 3 dormitories with 6 beds
  • 7 single rooms
  • 12 rooms with shower and toilets
  • 2 large rooms with balcony, shower and toilet
  • 5 family rooms with large balcony, shower and toilet

Amenities & Services

Guests can lounge by the pool. Internet access is provided and hotel staff can help to organize tours around the region.


The restaurant serves both African and European cuisine, while the bar serves fresh juices along with a wide selection of cocktails, drinks and wines.

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