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Hotel La Falaise

Hotel La Falaise

Our hotel is located right in the heart of the fabulous Dogon country, on Bandiagara’s cliff in Mali. It was built in 2005 with a traditional architecture which respects environment while offering maximum comfort to visitors.
Our whole team is at your service to guarantee a relaxing stay. We will also be there to give you smart advices and tricks for your journey through Mali.


La Falaise is located in Dogon Country, Mali by the Bandiagara cliffs.


La Falaise offers prices for all budgets. The hotel features 18 air-conditioned rooms. Each room has a bathroom with shower and toilets.

Amenities & Services

Organized walks and excursions of the Dogon Country.


The restaurant serves delicious European and cuisine African, along with unforgettable Dogon dishes.

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