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Hotel De L’Amitie

Hotel De L’Amitie

Hotel De L’Amitie is situated in Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso. The hotel features an event center and free WiFi.  Each room is fitted with an en-suite bathroom, an air conditioner and a TV with satellite channels.  Meals and drinks are ordered at the onsite restaurants and bar. Guests enjoy swimming sessions at the indoor pool.

Airport shuttle services is rendered onsite. The premises are guarded by security personnel and onsite parking is available.

The hotel is 0.2 km away from the Airport and in close proximity to Nightclubs and the Craft Center.



The hotel is located in the Ville de Ouahigouy, and has 36 air-conditioned rooms.

Amenities & Services

Restaurant – Bar – Night Club.


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