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Gambia TOURS

Discover The Gambia, 7 Days

Visit the Gambia and start in Banjul at the mouth of the river. Tour the Abuko Nature Reserve and look for crocodiles and monkeys. Visit Juffureh the ancestral home of Alex Haley and inspiration for "Roots" before a cruise down the River Gambia.

Explore Senegal & The Gambia 9-Days

Visit the markets of Dakar, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Goree Island, and the curiously colored Pink Lake. Then head to the Gambia and cruise up-river and backwards in time. See the home of Alex Haley's saga "Roots" and other slave trade sites.

Explore Senegal & The Gambia, 10 Days

Explore Senegal and The Gambia for 10 days on this fascinating tour. Highlights of this tour include Goree Island, Pink Lake, Juffureh and relaxing at Saly Beach Resort. Also visit the vibrant markets and national monuments in Dakar and Banjul.